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    Bulgaria lawyer

    Bulgaria is attracting more and more people and investments in recent years, as the developing Balkan country offers a variety of opportunities, in areas such as tourism, business and real-estate investments. Bulgaria’s unique location makes it a bridge between Eastern Europe, the EU countries, Russia and Turkey. 

    Boaz Reuven law firm offers diverse legal services in Bulgaria, both locally and for foreign nationals and companies. The firm specializes in taxation, economic law, international law, financial issues and criminal law. Whether directly or with remote management in co-operation with local Bulgarian law firms, Boaz Reuven offers boutique legal services in Bulgaria, tailor made for your needs, requirements and circumstances. 

    Over the years, the Boaz Reuven law firm provided Bulgaria lawyer services in various fields and cases, including: taxation cases and tax consulting services, legal assistance with purchasing, renting and selling of real-estate properties in Bulgaria and complete legal services in regards to criminal cases in Bulgaria or with relation to any kind of activity in Bulgaria. 

    Legal services – Bulgaria lawyer

    Boaz Reuven law firm provides Bulgaria lawyer services for private, business and corporate clients. The firm’s great experience and success track record offer a professional, creative, tailor made and a result driven service. The Bulgarian legal services offered by the Boaz Reuven law firm include:

    • Representation and consultation services for entrepreneurs and companies who want to establish a business activity in Bulgaria – setting up a company in Bulgaria, local and international taxation, opening bank accounts in Bulgaria, contracts, regulation etc. 
    • Legal services and professional assistance for investors in the Bulgarian real-estate market -buying, renting, building and selling. Services regarding contracts, funding, logistics, taxation, financials etc. 
    • Criminal lawyer in Bulgaria – representing and assisting in criminal cases in Bulgaria or with relation to Bulgaria, including high profile cases. 
    • Legal services regarding capital markets, banking and financial services in Bulgaria.

    If you need personally tailored, professional legal services in Bulgaria, contact the Boaz Reuven law firm today.

    *The firm does not deal with visas / living permits

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