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    Australia lawyer

    Australia, the land “down under”, is a fascinating and diverse country, with a highly developed economy and plenty of opportunities – that’s why Australia is considered such an attractive destination for tourists, entrepreneurs and global corporations. With its unique location and high standards of living, there are many cases where you might have a need for a lawyer in Australia. 

    The Boaz Reuven law firm, located in Tel Aviv, Israel, is a boutique firm, with an international activity of providing legal services, both directly and using a proven network of legal partners in various countries – including offering legal services and solutions in Australia for international and Israeli clients. 

    Our firm, Boaz Reuven & Co, provides premium and tailor-made legal services in Australia or with relation to Australia, for private and business clients of all kinds. The firm specializes in criminal law, international law, economic and business-related legal matters, local and international taxation, contracts and capital markets issues.  

    Legal services in Australia

    Boaz Reuven law firm offers legal services in Australia and related to Australia, with our own lawyers and also via a network of co-operations with local and leading law firms in Australia. Our areas of operations and the legal fields we offer services in, include:

    • Assistance, representation and consultation regarding voluntary disclosure procedures held with the Israeli tax authority, for residents of Israel with income and/or property in Australia. 
    • Tailored legal services regarding taxation issues and cases, in Australia or with relation to activity in Australia, for private or business clients – real estate investors, financial investors, entrepreneurs, businesses with operations in Australia etc. 
    • Criminal law representation regarding criminal charges or processes in Australia or with relation to Australia. 
    • Extradition cases involving Australia and Israel.
    • Legal services involving customs, trade regulation and commercial connections in Australia and Israel.
    • Legal services regarding capital markets, banking and finance in Australia or related to Australia for international clients. 

    When you need a lawyer in Australia or legal services regarding activity in Australia, Boaz Reuven law firm offers premium service standards, professionalism without compromises and a dedication to getting you the results you want and need.

    *The firm does not deal with visas / living permits or working permits to Australia

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