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    Poland lawyer for international clients

    Poland is one of the most fascinating countries in the European space in recent years, with impressive economical growth, alongside geo-political changes in the country. Poland’s economy is improving steadily and getting closer to the vast European market, while also attracting large foreign investments in real estate and business. All these developments increase the need and relevance for a lawyer in Poland for many international clients, both private and business.

    The Boaz Reuven law firm provides a variety of legal services in Poland and with regards to Poland, mainly for international clients with various activities in the developing central European country. The firm offers boutique and premium services of a Poland lawyer, in fields such as taxation, business, finance and banking, capital markets, international trade, contracts, regulation issues and also representation in criminal cases in Poland or related to Poland. 

    Legal services in Poland – Polish lawyer for international clients

    There are many situations that require assistance or representation by a Poland lawyer for international, non-polish clients, this is both for cases in Poland itself and also for cases related to Poland or certain activities in the country by foreign nationals. 

    Here are some examples of the need for a Polish lawyer or legal services in Poland, services that the Boaz Reuven law firm provides for Israeli, Polish and international clients:

    • Assistance regarding receiving a Polish nationality for those that meet requirements – documents, forms, formal legal signatures and representation etc.
    • Legal representation with regards to criminal charges or cases in Poland or related to Poland. Such as tax offenses, white collar offenses, serious criminal charges, international criminal law etc.
    • Lawyer in Warsaw or other Polish cities for assistance regarding real estate deals and investments.
    • Poland lawyer for cases related to taxation, tax planning, dealing with local or foreign tax authorities, tax treaties etc.  
    •  Legal consultation and representation in Poland regarding business, trade, financial or commercial activities.
    • Extradition cases involving Poland.
    • Legal services related to international contracts.

    If you need a lawyer in Poland or legal services related to Poland, contact the Boaz Reuven law firm for premium, tailor-made service.  

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