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    Romania lawyer

    Romania is a large country, with breathtaking views and nature that’s still wild and authentic, and alongside these features, Romania is developing economically recently, after years of treading in place. All these things are attracting increased international interest in Romania, both in the growing tourism sector and in financial and business investments – which in turn increases the need for the services of a lawyer in Romania. 

    The Boaz Reuven law firm offers boutique legal services in Romania or related to Romania for international clients. The firm handles cases regarding various issues of international law, local Romanian law, taxation, criminal cases, financial and investment related services, contracts, business etc. 

    Romania – an economic bridge between east and west

    Romania in one of the major  Balkan countries, and as such serves today as an economic bridge between west and central Europe to east Europe, the Balkans and the former Soviet Union countries. After years under a communist regime and an economic stand-still, the country is not yet a full member of the European Union, but Romania is now showing great signs of growth and development. This, as mentioned, attracts more and more international business investments, entrepreneurs and tourists to Romania. 

    Legal services – Romania lawyer Boaz Reuven

    Boaz Reuven law firm offers to all kinds of international clients, both private and business/corporate, legal services in Romania or with relation to activities in Romania. As investments, international businesses and tourism increases in Romania, there are more people and situations that require assistance of a Romania lawyer. Our firm offers boutique legal services in relation to Romania, both locally and directly and via proven co-operations with leading Romanian law firms. 

    Areas and fields for which the Boaz Reuven law firm offers Romania legal services, for Israeli and international clients, include:

    • Legal representation in cases relating to Romania, such as business disputes, contracts, trade, starting a company in Romania etc.
    • Representation regarding criminal cases in Romania or with relation to criminal activity in Romania or with Romanian nationals. 
    • Bucharest lawyer to assist with real-estate deals – contracts, buying, renting, building and selling of property in Bucharest and other Romania destinations. 
    • Romania lawyer for assistance and representation in financial deals and activities in the capital markets and banking sector of Romania. 
    • Taxation cases in Romania or with regards to activities in Romania.
    • Extradition cases between Romania and Israel. 

    With a variety of cases and circumstances requiring legal representation in Romania or a Romanian lawyer. 

    Need legal services in Romania? Contact the Boaz Reuven law firm!

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