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    Legal Services in England – England lawyer

    England is one of the world’s most central and major countries, in terms of economic importance and influence, culture and politics, regardless if it’s in the European union or not. Being the major financial, economic, cultural and touristic hub that it is, England attracts many people and businesses, for various purposes – all of these need the services of an English lawyer or legal services related to England from time to time.

    The Boaz Reuven law firm is a boutique law firm located in Tel Aviv, Israel, with strong working ties to England and vast experience handling cases and clients requiring legal services in England or with relevance to England, for both Israeli and international clients, private, business and corporate. 

    Legal services in England – England Lawyer

    The Boaz Reuven law firm specializes in various legal fields, in Israel and internationally - including a lot of proven experience with legal services in England. Hence the firm can offer its clients a winning and tailored package of legal services. The firm and its network of strategic legal partners in England and the UK offer personalized legal services regarding taxation, criminal law, capital markets, international law, commercial law, contracts, trade connections, financial and real estate investments, economic and business issues etc. 

    In all matters relating to tax, our firm represents both Israeli residents with income and/or investments in England and also Israelis and international clients with activities in England that require an English lawyer or specific legal services in England itself, with regards to local or international tax matters. 

    We also operate, directly or with assistance from leading law firms in England that partner with us, in cases related to real estate deals in England, GDPR regulation for European websites, business needs, commercial contracts, criminal charges in England against foreign nationals, extradition cases involving Israel and England, international law issues and many more situations and legal needs. 

    If you need specific and tailored legal services in England and you’re an Israeli or a foreign national, if you need legal assistance regarding business or financial activities in England – contact the Boaz Reuven law firm and receive a premium and winning service. 

    *The firm does not deal with visas / immigration / citizenship issues related to England 

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