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    Hungary lawyer

    Hungary is developing economically in recent years and attracting more and more international investors, entrepreneurs and businesses. Hungary is a member in the EU but isn’t part of the Euro currency system and it acts as a geographical, political and economical bridge between the eastern European countries to those in central Europe. All these factors increase the need for legal services in Hungary for international clients and cases – services the Boaz Reuven law firm provide.

    Hungary lawyer is required and useful in instances relating to real estate investments in Budapest and other cities, taxation of business and financial activities in Hungary for foreign nationals, setting up business activities in Hungary and representation in criminal cases regarding Hungary. Boaz Reuven law firm offers you legal services in Hungary or with relation to Hungary for all these fields and cases and for a variety of other needs and circumstances. 

    The Boaz Reuven law firm has vast experience in international law, both in economic and taxation cases and in various criminal cases. The firm implements proven professional knowledge and expertise in providing legal services in Hungary, directly by the firm’s lawyers and with operative connections with leading law firms in Hungary.

    Hungary lawyer  for business and financial needs

    Recent years shown a great increase in international investments coming into Hungary, mainly in real estate deals by foreign nationals and new business activities by international entrepreneurs and corporations. For all these new ventures, alongside many more cases of economic, financial and business activities in Hungary, the need for a Hungary lawyer has become greater and much more common for international clients. 

    Do you want to set up a company in Hungary? Are you looking into buying a property in Budapest? Want to start a business in Hungary with local employees? Need tax planning relating to your business in Hungary? For all these examples and many others, The Boaz Reuven law firm offers you boutique legal services in Hungary and/or regarding Hungary. 

    Criminal lawyer in Hungary

    Boaz Reuven law firm offers many legal services in Hungary relating to financial, business and investment cases, but alongside that we also offer services regarding criminal law in Hungary or involving Hungary. 

    If you need a criminal lawyer in Hungary, our firm can greatly assist your case, whether directly with our lawyers or with local Hungarian representation from our strategic legal partners in Budapest and the rest of Hungary.

    Criminal lawyer in Hungary can, for instance, assist international clients with regards to cases of tax offenses, extradition cases, criminal charges in Hungary of with relation to Hungary etc.

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