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    Lawyer in Canada

    Canada is one of the world’s most valued and developed countries, economically, socially and politically, not to mention its vast nature offerings. Thus, despite its cold climate, Canada is a major destination for many people, entrepreneurs and businesses – all of which might need a Canadian lawyer for various issues. 

    The Boaz Reuven law firm offers a wide variety of legal services in Canada, related to Canada or for Canadians residing in Israel, both by our own lawyers and with co-operations with leading Canadian law firms.

    Legal services in Canada – Canada Lawyer

    A Canadian lawyer is required in many situations and circumstances, for international clients, Israelis with connections to Canada and Canadian residents, whether locally or internationally. Boaz Reuven law firm provides tailored, premium legal services in Canada in in relation to Canadian issues – specializing in legal fields such as taxation, international law, criminal law in Canada and internationally, investments, real estate, capital markets and banking, family matters and citizenship cases. 

    Some examples of the legal services in Canada that our firm offers, are:

    • Canadian lawyer for cases and matters relating to immigration to Canada, citizenship, relocation of employees etc.
    • Lawyer in Toronto or any other major city in Canada, for all legal matters regarding real estate investments and deals. 
    • Representation in criminal cases in Canada or related to Canada, for Israelis and international clients. 
    • Legal representation and assistance regarding inheritances and estates in Canada.
    • Canada lawyer for family cases, family disputes, child custody etc. 
    • International contracts, trade connections, regulation and other issues regarding business activities in Canada.
    • Extradition cases involving Canada and Israel.
    • Canadian tax lawyer – for various needs of professional legal advice and/or representation  relating to taxation in Canada or of income generated in Canada for Israeli residents. 
    • Legal services in Canada or related to Canada, for matters of the capital markets, banking sector and financial activities. 
    • Lawyer in Canada for business needs – setting up a Canadian company, partnerships, financial issues, logistics, regulation, tax etc. 

    Whether you’re a foreign national who wants to move to Canada or start a business in Canada or whether you’re a Canadian national living in Israel, if you need a lawyer in Canada with great experience in various international law areas, contact the Boaz Reuven law firm and receive the winning service package. 

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